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The CHIP Works pages reflect the 2015 campaign and are not currently being updated.

Thousands of Colorado families will be affected if Congress allows CHIP funding to expire in 2015. Find out more about these families.

Angela Miller of Thornton

MillerAngela Miller, a busy working mom of four, is a school counselor in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district. As the sole breadwinner since her husband lost his job last spring, it has become difficult to get affordable health insurance for her family. » Read more

Dr. Aaron Gale of Denver

GaleFrom his position as Medical Director at the Bruner Family Medical Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dr. Aaron Gale can easily see how this kind of investment can change both a single life as well as an entire community. » Read more

Tracey Hutchison of Castle Rock

HutichsonTracey knows a thing or two about going without. As a single mother, she has scrimped and saved, worked hard, and sacrificed to make sure her children had the essentials. And for her, one of the essentials is health insurance. » Read more

Jayden Meyer of Grand Junction

MeyerWhen the Meyers adopted their grandson, Jayden, they knew he had serious behavioral health challenges. However, his health care needs ended up being beyond the family’s ability to pay after Richard lost his job. » Read more

Dr. Christina Suh of Aurora

SuhDr. Suh sees a lot of struggling families in her medical practice, but, a majority of the families are on Medicaid or are provided “charity care.” Suh thinks it’s the families that need a different program that might be some of the most vulnerable she sees. » Read more

Owen Eichhorn of Denver

EichhornTo the outside world, Owen Eichhorn looks like a perfectly typical kid. But what people can’t see is the daily physical, psychological, and social challenges that require Owen to see therapeutic specialists more than 150 times a year. » Read more

Call for Stories

Do you know someone who has had a personal experience with CHIP? The greatest impact we can make is by highlighting the value CHIP is already bringing to real people every day. The campaign is gathering stories from across Colorado of individuals who use CHIP for various important reasons. These stories are crucial to our ability to focus public policy attention on our goals.

If you have a story to share or a resource that could help us identify CHIP stories, please share it with us!

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