CHIP Resources

CHIP Resources

The CHIP Works pages reflect the 2015 campaign and are not currently being updated.

Below you’ll find a collection of state and national resources about CHIP and what it means to thousands of working families and children across the country. We encourage you to share these materials with your networks to help the campaign raise awareness of the CHIP funding issue and encourage other organizations to join CHIP Works Colorado.

CHIP Stories

Families from across Colorado are impacted every day through access to quality, affordable healthcare. CHIP helps create that access for thousands of those families.

» Read about some of their stories

Colorado Resources

National Resources

Social Media Resources

Social media is one of the most effective ways to spread our message and reach lawmakers on this issue. Use the hashtag #CHIPWorksCO in your Colorado conversations.

An Apple a Day
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Child Poverty
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Income Eligibility
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Example 4
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By the Numbers
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Out-of-Pocket 1
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Out-of-Pocket 2
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CHIP Benefits
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Uninsured Kids
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Who is covered?
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