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Providing health insurance coverage for kids is a key way to ensure our children can grow into healthy adults who live, work, and thrive in every Colorado community. We are also building on our track record of success in kids’ coverage to provide children with access to quality, affordable care that secures their healthy development. Our priorities for ensuring all Colorado kids have the opportunity to live a healthy life fall into four categories of work:

Reform Colorado’s health system

  • Create a seamless eligibility and enrollment process
  • Improve children’s access to health coverage
  • Reduce red tape so that families can get, and keep, health coverage
  • Implement administrative reforms that make income verification and renewals more efficient
  • Eliminate barriers to enrollment for families

Maintain and grow coverage

  • Ensure that children who qualify for coverage are able to obtain it
  • Add dental benefits for pregnant women under CHP+
  • Offer options to cover kids and pregnant women not reached by other public coverage expansions

Promote access to quality care

  • Ensure that Medicaid delivery systems have appropriate development screening tools and protocols for children
  • Explore options for data repository to track all screenings completed, and work to fill any identified gaps

Assure long-term program availability

  • Maintain funding for Medicaid and explore options for CHP+ should funding be terminated
  • Address Colorado’s constitutional constraints so we can ensure proper investments for kids and families


Learn about the education campaigns and legislative efforts that we’re leading to get All Kids Covered:

Child Health FactsChild Health Facts

With roughly 9 out of 10 children in Colorado insured, we are close to crossing the finish line and delivering a win for all Colorado kids.


All Kids Covered supports policy that will improve children’s coverage and access to care in Colorado.

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Healthy Growth and Development

We should catch developmental issues early and often, to secure a healthy growth for every child in Colorado.