About Us

All Kids Covered is a non-partisan coalition advocating for sound policy to reduce the number of uninsured children in Colorado, and improve access to and the quality of health care for Colorado’s kids. Since the fall of 2006, All Kids Covered has worked with policymakers, service providers, and other stakeholders to improve our health care system so kids in Colorado can get the care they need, when they need it. We want every child in Colorado to have access to affordable health coverage and quality care. Providing health coverage for kids—such as Medicaid, CHP+, or private insurance—is a key way to ensure our children have the opportunity to grow into healthy adults who live, work, and thrive in every community in Colorado. In fact, having health insurance helps improve social and emotional development, fosters school readiness and performance, and minimizes health disparities among children.

Crossing the Finish Line

With roughly 95 percent of children in Colorado insured, we are close to crossing the finish line and delivering a win for all Colorado kids. Unlike many health problems facing children in our country today, a lack of coverage is something we know how to solve. We can secure coverage for the estimated 70,000 kids who are uninsured in Colorado, with the following:

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Commitment to coverage and access for all children
  • Efficient and reliable systems
  • Clear, consistent, and easy-to-understand information about health insurance options for children
  • Local and regional adaptations
  • Focus on quality care, including healthy early childhood development

Working together, we can cross the finish line and ensure all children in Colorado have access to high quality, affordable health insurance, and health care.

Partner OrganizationsPartner Organizations

All Kids Covered is a collaborative effort of organizations throughout the state that are committed to helping kids reach their fullest potential.

Coalition MeetingsCoalition Meetings

The All Kids Covered Coalition holds monthly meetings, and welcomes all parties interested in learning more about children’s health issues in Colorado.