• Healthy Growth and Development
    Healthy Growth and Development We should catch developmental issues early and often, to secure a healthy growth for every child in Colorado.
  • Get the Facts
    Get the Facts Although uninsured rates for Colorado’s kids have reached historic lows, disparities remain. The uninsured rate for Hispanic/Latino children in Colorado is more than twice as high as that for any other racial or ethnic group.
  • Policy Victories
    Policy Victories We have played an instrumental role in passing several key bills in the legislature, and have become a recognized expert in children's health policy.

We have come a long way, but we’re not done yet.

Colorado is a leader in covering kids. Yet, about 102,000 kids, or 10%, are still uninsured. That’s too many! Fortunately, we’re making good progress. All Kids Covered strives – especially during tough economic times – to reduce the number of uninsured children in Colorado. As a non-partisan coalition, we advocate for sound policy and build public will. The time to cover kids is now!


About UsAbout Us

Since the fall of 2006, All Kids Covered has worked to make Colorado’s public health insurance work better for kids and families.

Issues & InitiativesIssues & Initiatives

We advocate for expanded health coverage, quality care, and long term program availability for Colorado’s kids in need.


Learn more about the issues through our robust collection of publications, presentations, research, and data collections.


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Did You Know?

Covering kids works
Compared to children with health insurance, uninsured children are:

  • 70% more likely to have ear infections go untreated
  • 6x more likely to go without necessary medical or dental care
  • 30% less likely to receive care for injuries
  • 9x more likely to be hospitalized for a preventable problem
Covering kids provides peace of mind to families
  • 90% of uninsured children come from families where at least one parent works
  • Health insurance premiums have risen by 87% over the past 10 years
  • 1 in 10 parents and 1 in 5 low-income parents delayed health care for their children due to cost
  • Colorado has the fastest growing rate of kids living in poverty in the nation
Kids’ coverage is a wise investment for Colorado
  • Colorado ranks 49th among states in per capita spending for Medicaid and 31st for CHP+
  • Every $1 invested in new health care spending generates $2.44 locally
  • Medicaid is the single largest source of federal funding in Colorado’s state budget