Publications & Presentations

Publications & Presentations

In addition to authoring comprehensive reports as an organization, All Kids Covered also collects and curates a variety of publications and presentations on topics related to children’s health coverage and health care that may be useful to your work. These resources are updated periodically as new material becomes available.

All Kids Covered Publications & Presentations

Impact of the Affodable Care Act on Colorado Kids

A fact sheet, posted in March 2017, on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Colorado kids, and how repealing the act could have negative effects
» Download the PDF

 Children’s Mental Health Policy Toolkit

A toolkit, posted in March 2016, with potential policy options to make change for children’s healthy development.
» Download the PDF

Advocating for Kids’ Priorities in Phase II of the ACC

A guide, developed in January 2016, for AKC members to use when engaging in stakeholder meetings regarding the Colorado Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) program and when advocating for kids’ priorities in ACC Phase II
» Download the PDF

hispanickidsreportColorado Reduces Number of Uninsured Hispanic Children

A 2016 fact sheet on Colorado’s progress on insuring Hispanic children
» Download the Fact Sheet (PDF), or the Infographic (PDF)

Ensuring Quality Health Care for Colorado KidsEnsuring Quality Health Care for Colorado Kids

A 2015 report on the quality of and access to children’s health care in Colorado.
» Download the Report (PDF), or the Presentation (PDF)

Kids Health Care Coverage in ColoradoKids Health Care Coverage in Colorado

An infographic created in 2014 in partnership with the Georgetown Center for Children and Families.
» Download the Infographic (PDF)

The Future of Children's Health Coverage in ColoradoGrowing Healthy and Strong: Access to Coverage and Care

A 2014 presentation for the Colorado Children’s Campaign 2014 Lunch and Learn Series.
» Download the Presentation (PDF)

The Future of Children's Health Coverage in ColoradoThe Future of Children’s Health Coverage in Colorado

A 2013 report on the future of children’s health coverage and associated policy considerations.
» Download the Full Report (PDF) or the Executive Summary (PDF)

Crossing the Finish LineCrossing the Finish Line

A 2012 report on achieving meaningful health care coverage and access for all children in Colorado.
» Download the Full Report (PDF), Report Highlights (PDF), or the  Executive Summary (PDF)

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